The Experiment Box for Micro:bit is a multifunction box based on expert analysis gear. This case is a fresh out of the box teaching aid, It incorporates conventional parts, for example, a temperature sensor, photocell, servo, motor, and LEDs. It also contains electronic parts such as the MOSFET transistor, various values of resistors, and a trimpot to join circuit structure with programming.

For this Experimental Box, you'll use banana plug wires to associate various components. These wires are easy to insert and pull out yet still create stable connections. In the meantime, utilizing banana plugs establishes a framework for further circuit plan

  • Experiment Kit for learning electronics and circuit.
  • Based on Micro:bit.
  • It includes temperature sensor, photocell, servo, motor, LEDs, etc.
  • It also comes with MOSFET transistor, different resistors, and a trimpot.
  • Combine circuit design with programming.
  • Portable design / Universal joint.
  • Coding Language: Makecode\python\C++.
  • Power Supply: 2 x AA battery.
  • Connection Line: banana line.
  • Net Weight: 850g (Approx.)
  • Dimensions: 25 x 17.6 x 3.8cm (Approx.).
Kit Content
  • 1 x Experiment box
  • 12 x Banana line
  • 1 x DC motor with fan
  • 1 x Buzzer
  • 1 x Photocell
  • 1 x NTC
  • 1 x Button
  • 1 x Trimpot
  • 1 x Mos Tube
  • 3 x 100Ω Resistor
  • 1 x 10KΩ Resistor
  • 1 x Self-lock
  • 1 x Red LED
  • 1 x RGB LED
  • 1 x Rainbow LED
  • 1 x 180° Servo
  • 1 x AAA Battery pack
  • 1 x Power Switch