PiTraffic: Raspberry Pi Traffic Light starter Kit - Makergenix

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The PiTraffic is a low-cost hardware Shield designed to allow Raspberry Pi users to take their first steps into interfacing with the real world. Designed with the learning in mind, everyone will recognize and identify its familiar elements encouraging their use along-side their own projects.

  • The PiTraffic is designed to remove many of the common hurdles people are faced with when getting started using hardware with the Raspberry Pi. Sometimes it get difficult to know which components to use and how to connect them, PiTraffic makes it very simple by plugging directly onto pre-set positions on the Raspberry Shield Hat.
  • By plugging the PiTraffic directly on to the Raspberry Pi GPIO header, no extra cables or wires are needed. Unlike many other add-on boards, they do not block GPIO pins Which are available on the shield, keeping them open for other uses. The PiTraffic is fitted with 4 standard Pins, allowing up to four PiTraffic stands to be controlled independently, There is a buzzer which can be used alert on change of light.
  • The documentation and guides are openly available for the PiTraffic for educational use. Adapted to your own needs tutorials and workshop material available all of which can be taken as is available.
  • The materials will demonstrate the method, concepts and provide the building blocks to explore ideas and take learning further by with creative projects, activities and games.
Kit Contents
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
  • PiTraffic Shield
  • High Quality Protective Case for Raspberry Pi
  • Class 10 microSD card preloaded with example codes
  • High Quality Flat HDMI Cable
  • 5V/2.5A Power Adaptor specially designed for Raspberry Pi 3