About Us

Makergenix® is the registered online shopping brand name for Thinkgenix®. Makergenix is a platform for the Makers' Community that consists of all the essentials for the making. From headers to wires to larger displays and micro controller boards, Makergenix® has it all. Browse through the online shop for all your basic and high-end requirements of creating and showcasing a project.

You can buy from a variety of Robots, Digital and Servo motors, different project Accessories like wires, cameras, breadboard, DIY kits, Protective Cases, Training manuals, Learning HATs and shields, etc. Our Blog section features the blogs and written aid for the beginners and experts to learn from the various topics that shall help them to outgrow and expand their knowledge of Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, Robotics, AI, IoT etc.

Thinkgenix® is the next-gen technology for everyone. A team that works smart and hard to provide the best of its services in the technology sectors like the hardware, software, PCB development, IoT platforms, Automation, Single-Board Computers etc.

Established in June 2019, Thinkgenix is the youngest and most promising service provider amidst the other similar domain companies in India. We specialise in Embedded Systems, Open-Source platforms, Software, Design and Development etc.
Thinkgenix believes in #TechnologyForEveryone, everyday.