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Motorshield for the Raspberry Pi

Motorshield for the Raspberry Pi

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The Motorshield is designed to help you get your Raspberry Pi-based Robot. This board can control the DC motor as well as the stepper motor. You can connect your IR and Ultrasonic sensors to tell your robot about its environment. You can easily make your Line Following, Object following, Wall following, and Maze-Solver Robots.

Motorshield for raspberry Pi

  • Motorshield powered by dual H-bridge IC L293D
  • Control upto 4 DC motors or 2 Servo Motors
  • Input supply 6V-24V
  • Output current 600Ma or 1A peak current per channel
  • Programmable LED Arrow indicator for motor direction
  • 2 IR sensors with 3.3V level output protection
  • 1 Ultrasonic sensor with 3.3V output protection
  • Male header 7 screw terminal for motor supply
  • On-board GPIO stacking header

    Note: No Raspberry Pi Included.


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