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Introducing PiSquare, the RP2040 & ESP-12E-based board that allows you to use multiple Raspberry Pi HATs without stacking on the Raspberry Pi. With Socket programming, PiSquare wirelessly communicates with multiple ("n" numbers of) Raspberry Pi HATs, making it an intelligent and efficient solution for your Raspberry Pi project needs.

PiSquare enables you to connect as many HATs as you need, whether they are SPI, I2C, or SPI HATs, without the need for stacking on the Raspberry Pi. This frees up valuable space and makes your project more organized and streamlined. You can operate all Raspberry Pi HATs wirelessly, making it a convenient and practical solution for your projects.

PiSquare Connect Multiple Raspberry pi HATs Wirelessly


  • Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller
  • ESP-12E-onboard
  • Socket programming for wireless communication with multiple HATs
  • Supports multiple HATs, including SPI, I2C, and SPI HATs
  • Compact design that doesn't require stacking on the Raspberry Pi
  • Power supply: 5V DC
  • Dimensions: 65mm x 30mm x 20mm

PiSquare is designed to simplify the process of connecting multiple HATs to your Raspberry Pi project. With its compact size and wireless capabilities, PiSquare allows you to save space and operate your HATs remotely without the hassle of physical stacking.

The RP2040 & ESP-12E-based board offers a reliable and efficient performance that enables seamless communication between the PiSquare board and your HATs. The Socket programming used by PiSquare ensures that data transfer is fast, stable, and secure. It also eliminates the need for additional wires and cables, reducing clutter and making your project easier to manage.

PiSquare supports various HAT types, including SPI, I2C, and SPI HATs, which means you can use it for a wide range of applications. Whether you're working on a home automation project, robotics, or sensor monitoring, PiSquare has got you covered.

Measuring just 65mm x 30mm x 20mm, PiSquare is small and lightweight, making it easy to integrate into your project. It is also easy to set up and use, even if you are not an experienced Raspberry Pi user.

Overall, PiSquare is a reliable, efficient, and versatile solution for your Raspberry Pi project needs. Its wireless communication capabilities, support for multiple HATs, and compact design make it an excellent choice for any project that requires the use of multiple HATs.


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