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PiTalk - Modular SmartPhone for Raspberry Pi

PiTalk - Modular SmartPhone for Raspberry Pi

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PiTalk - Modular and IoT enabled Smartphone based on Raspberry Pi

  • First ever modular and IoT enabled smartphone to be developed on the Raspberry Pi.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4, 3, 2 and Zero.
  • PiTalk comes packed with a 3G module for blazing fast voice and data communication
  • PiTalk GUI developed with 3.2", 4" and 5" LCD screens
  • Develop your own Apps for PiTalk in Python
  • PiTalk Apps and library is written in Python
  • Audio Support for voice calls
  • Control your applications by just sending SMS or making Calls
  • Create WiFi Hotspot using PiTalk and Raspberry Pi for accessing 3G Data
  • Take Pictures using PiTalk and Raspberry Pi Camera by just sending SMS. Endless possibilities with PiTalk

  • PiTalk is based on Quectel UC15 3G Module
  • Download speed is 3.6Mbps and Upload speed is 384Kbps
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack and Mic / Speaker supports
  • Connect with Raspberry Pi through GPIO or USB cable
  • Two Communication port i.e. USB and GPIO
  • Queclocator for location tracking
  • Different apps for interaction with PiTalk
  • Two ADC channels for analog sensor interfacing

Kit Content
  • 1 x PiTalk - The Modular Smartphone for Raspberry Pi

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