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Power Monitoring HAT

Power Monitoring HAT

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Power Monitor HAT is the latest product in the domain of SB Components which is the 3-Channel Current/Voltage/Power Monitor HAT. It uses the I2C or SMBus interface for lightweight communication. It makes the process easy to monitor current, voltage, or power in each channel and also monitors the voltage between both sides of the sampling resistor.

Power Monitoring HAT for Raspberry Pi
  • Standard Raspberry Pi 40-pin GPIo extension header to easily stack
  • It comprises an embedded ADC of 12 bits that converts the analog signal into a digital signature
  • Support multiple successive converting with the 0~26V measuring range
  • An onboard sampling resistor allows measuring bi-directional current up to 3.2A
  • 3 Channel Monitoring
  • I2C/SMBus interface for low bandwidth
  • It calculates electrical quantities like power, voltage, and current
  • It consists of I2C control pins for connecting the host board
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