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Raspberry Pi 400 Expansion

Raspberry Pi 400 Expansion

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I/O Expansion board designed for Raspberry Pi 400 to expand its utilization via the two dedicated GPIO ports for Raspberry Pi HAT.  It works as a GPIO extender by providing two sets of 2 x 20-pin headers for the connection with HATs or Breadboards. A connection can be done via the FRC IDC connector for the interfacing between the Raspberry Pi 400, or Raspberry Pi 40 Pin GPIO header Series boards,  and Raspberry Pi 400 Expansion. Raspberry Pi 400 Expansion Provides an easy and quick way to access all the GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi 400 and shows the status of each pin( Power and GPIO) via Indication LEDs

Raspberry Pi 400 Expansion

  • Standard 40-pin Raspberry Pi connectivity, through the flat ribbon cable
  • 2 sets of 2x20 pin headers, connect multi HATs together
  • Clear and descriptive pin labels for ease of connectivity
  • On-Board indication LEDs for GPIO working status

Note: No Raspberry Pi or Pi 400 Included.

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