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Raspberry Pi Build HAT

Raspberry Pi Build HAT

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The Raspberry Pi Build HAT is an add-on board that connects to your Raspberry Pi's 40-pin GPIO header and was created in collaboration with LEGO® Education to make controlling LEGO® Technic ™ motors and sensors with Raspberry Pi computers simple. 

It includes four connectors for SPIKETM Portfolio LEGO® TechnicTM motors and sensors. A distance sensor, a color sensor, and a versatile force sensor are among the sensors available. The angular motors are available in a variety of sizes and have built-in encoders that may be used to determine their location. The Build HAT is compatible with all Raspberry Pi computers that have a 40-pin GPIO header, including the Raspberry Pi 400 (with the use of a ribbon cable or other extension device).

Connected LEGO® TechnicTM devices, as well as ordinary Raspberry Pi accessories like a camera module, can be simply managed in Python. The Raspberry Pi Build HAT power supply, which is sold separately, is designed to power both the Build HAT and the Raspberry Pi computer, as well as any other LEGO® TechnicTM devices connected to it.

The LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set 45678 and SPIKE™ Prime Expansion Set 45681, available separately from LEGO® Education resellers, include a collection of useful elements supported by the Build HAT.

Introducing the Build HAT

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