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This ZED-F9P-based GNSS HAT provides centimeter-level accuracy. It offers features such as multi-band RTK with quick convergence times, a high update rate, support for moving base RTK mode, simultaneous reception of four GNSS systems, support for augment positioning systems, accurate & quick positioning with minimal drifting, and exceptional anti-spoofing & anti-jamming capabilities.

It is pretty simple to enable GNSS functionality for your ROCK SBC, Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, etc. by just hooking it to the SBC's.

  • Supports Raspberry Pi series boards, Rock SBC series boards, Jetson Nano, Banana Pi, and more with a standard 40PIN GPIO extension header...
  • Fast convergence times, centimeter-level accuracy, and high update rates for multi-band RTK
  • Supports Moving base RTK mode, enabling centimeter-level accuracy and precise terminal navigation.
  • Supports simultaneous receiving of 4 GNSS constellations (GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, and GLONASS) while yet using very little power.
  • Enhance systems that provide service location positionings, such as SBAS, QZSS, IMES, and D-GPS
  • Support for A-GNSS (Assisted GNSS), which speeds up initial positioning and increases acquisition sensitivity
  • Features strong anti-spoofing and anti-jamming capabilities, -167dBm navigational sensitivity, and supports geo-fencing.
  • Supports U-Center, a simple module configuration method
  • Rechargeable batteries are supported via the onboard battery holder, which protects ephemeris data and hot starts.


    GNSS BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS / QZSS
    Number of concurrent GNSS 4
    GNSS platform Concurrent GNSS
    GNSS bands B1I, B2I, E1B/C, E5b, L1C/A, L1OF, L2C, L2OF
    Oscillators TCXO
    UART 2
    USB 1
    I2C 1
    SPI 1
    Maximum supply [V] 3.6
    Minimum supply [V] 2.7
    Maximum temperature [°C] 85
    Minimum temperature [°C] -40
    Active antenna / LNA control
    Active antenna / LNA supply
    Additional SAW
    Antenna open circuit detection pin
    Antenna short circuit detect / protect pin
    Base station with survey-in
    Carrier phase output
    Data logging
    Jamming detection
    Programmable flash memory
    RTC crystal
    RTK rover
    Secure boot
    Timepulse output
    Antennas Pin (active) for external antenna


Software GitHub: Getting-started guide
Hardware GitHub: Hardware Design files like Schematic, 3D File, etc.

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