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Zero Barcode HAT

Zero Barcode HAT

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The Zero Barcode HAT is a robust and compact barcode scanner board based on the Raspberry Pi zero form factor that includes a DE2120 scanner module, buzzer, 1.14" LCD screen, and a micro-USB connector. It is designed to scan 20 distinct barcode symbologies (both 1D and 2D) with an on-board camera and image processing to recognize and decode everything from UPC codes to QR codes. The module also has two LEDs: one for lighting and one to project the red line seen on laser-based scanners.

The Zero barcode HAT's design allows users to easily explore all of the DE2120's functions without having to deal with cumbersome cables. A buzzer, a push-button tactile switch, and a status indicator are all controlled by suitable driving circuits. The serial interface or command barcode scanning can be used to set up the module. The data can be transferred either through a micro USB port or the UART line for all keyboard, HID, and serial data. This device can be configured manually or through programming to read the barcodes.


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